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Powerful, easy-to-use, standard software solutions for visualization & analysis of satellite data sets. For pricing and ordering information, contact us at: visuanalyze@rpsc.com

New: Animation is one of the upcoming features of VisuAnalyze.

TOMS ozone in VisuAnalyze

VisuAnalyze is capable of simultaneously displaying TOMS ozone data in tabular and graphical format. Metadata, continental outlines, and a scale relating color to value are also shown. This global Nimbus-7 TOMS image (slightly reduced) shows the relativly high ozone levels during the Antarctic Summer.

ozone analysis Display and analysis of TOMS ozone data is the current strength of VisuAnalyze. Capabilities include display of poth total ozone and reflectivity data, multiple projections & palettes, tabular format, histograms, and linear plots.

ozone analysis Other data in HDF format can also be examined using VisuAnalyze.

Enhancements in future versions will include advanced funtions such as animation and mathematical analysis.

Comparison of Features

VisuAnalyze Lite 2.0:
NIMBUS 7 TOMS Ozone Data
METEOR 3 TOMS Ozone Data
Earth Probe TOMS Ozone Data
NIMBUS 7 TOMS Reflectivity Data
METEOR 3 TOMS Reflectivity Data
Earth Probe TOMS Reflectivity Data
ADEOS TOMS Reflectivity Data

VisuAnalyze adds to that:
Mathematical and Statistical Analysis
Zoom In/Out
More Palettes
More Grid & Overlay Choices
More Sophisticated Selections
More Projections

Both VisuAnalyze and VisuAnalyze Lite 2.0 are available from Research & Professional Services for PC and Macintosh. Inquiries for custom implementations and availability of the UNIX version are welcome.

email: visuanalyze@rpsc.com

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